Sponsored Projects: Post-Award Financial Administration

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Managing a sponsored project at Columbia University involves closely adhering to a set of policies and procedures. On this page, you’ll find guidance for managing the post-award, financial lifecycle of sponsored projects, including: initiation and execution, transacting, financial reporting and monitoring, documenting personnel costs (effort reporting), receivables management, project closeout, and audit.

Part of the Office of the Controller, Sponsored Projects Post-Award Financial Administration consists of Sponsored Projects Finance (SPF) and the Research Policy and Indirect Costs (RPIC) group. Learn more about these offices and their respective roles and responsibilities below.

Sponsored Project Lifecycle

Below are the stages of the lifecycle you will need to follow to manage the post-award, financial administration of your sponsored project.

2. Initiation and Execution

Visit Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) to learn about the initiation and execution of sponsored projects.

3. Transacting

Learn how to manage transactions on sponsored projects, including salary distributions, purchase of goods and services, cost transfers, cost sharing and more.

8. Audit

Learn about records retention and audits on sponsored projects.