Net Receivables Reports

Learn about net receivables reports for sponsored projects at Columbia University.


To assist principal investigators (PIs) and department administrators (DAs) with managing the receivables and overall financial status of their sponsored projects, a series of reports have been developed and made available in the FDS environment.

PIs and DAs are responsible for continually monitoring the receivable status of their projects to ensure payments have been received and applied in accordance with the terms of the agreement.

There are three primary net receivables reports developed to assist administrators with the management of sponsored receivables. These reports may be found within the Project Lifecycle Reports folder within the FDS environment.

    1. Sponsored Project Financial Summary (SPFS)
      • This is a PDF-friendly summary-level financial statement that may be run for an individual project, for a group of projects (i.e., all projects within a department), or for multiple projects in a combined view
      • The report displays three sets of information:
        1. Budget, expenses, pre-encumbrances, encumbrances, accruals and the budget balance available
        2. Prepaid vouchers, petty cash, interest income, project-to-date funds transfers (excess cash retained), and project-to-date overrun clearances
        3. Net receivable balances, with and without accruals
    2. Sponsored Project Net Receivables Overview Report
      • This is available as both an Excel- and PDF-friendly report that provides all of the information available in the SPFS in summary format to assist with department-level analysis of receivable balances
      • Administrators may utilize the report to continually monitor the receivable balances of the projects within their department and to identify receivable shortfalls or surpluses that require investigation
    3. Sponsored Project Net Receivables Report
      • This report displays the natural account balances that comprise the net receivables total (e.g., billed, unbilled and collected), and may be used to drill down into project-specific payment histories while investigating receivable shortfalls or surpluses

Contact your Sponsored Projects Finance (SPF) Finance and Compliance Manager for information about net receivables reports.

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