Training Grants

Learn about the closeout process for training grants at Columbia University.


Training grants are grants in which the objective of the sponsored project is to provide training to a group of students or faculty as approved by the sponsoring agency. Training grants have unique closeout processes that administrators must follow during the expenditure finalization and validation procedure.

When closing a training grant, in addition to following the standard protocol for all other sponsored projects as outlined in the expenditure finalization and validation procedure, administrators must perform closeout steps unique to training grants. Specifically, by the final expenditure validation due date, they must provide to the SPF Finance and Compliance Manager the following information and materials:

  1. The stipend, tuition and fee amounts by trainee to be transferred to the following period (if applicable)
  2. A copy of the statement of appointment, trainee termination notice, and ARC financial statements supporting the stipends paid and payback agreement


Contact your Sponsored Projects Finance (SPF) Finance and Compliance Manager for information about the training grant closeout process.

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