Vendor Management

Vendor Management (VM) is a unit within the Procurement Department responsible for maintaining the vendor file utilized for Purchasing and Accounts Payable transactions.

Key Functions

Create Vendor Profiles

Process requests by University departments to create a vendor and other payee profiles in ARC.

Modify Vendor Profiles

Process requests to update and modify vendor and payee profiles.

Employee Reimbursement

Maintain employee payee profiles for expense reimbursement.

Vendor Validation

Conduct validation protocols on vendor and payee profile creation and modification requests, including validation for tax compliance.

Additional Resources

For Vendors

If you are a vendor and need to obtain information as to the status of a payment of or for viewing the remittance information for a specific check and/or ACH/Wire transfer, please use the AP Payment Status & Remittance Form. For more info, see the Follow Up on or Track a Payment page. 

Vendor Management also creates/modifies profiles for non-vendor payees, including recipients of: Prizes & Awards, Refunds, Honoraria & Grant sub-awards.

Need to modify your own information in our database? Visit the ARC Vendor/Payee Request Web Form.

For other questions, please contact the Finance Service Center.

Procurement Processing Schedule

Normal processing time in Vendor Management is ~5 business days (depending on external business disruptions).

Vendor Management receives approximately 200 requests each day to create or modify vendor/payee profiles. Upon receipt of each request, the VM team conducts a review and validation procedures and, as necessary, follows up with vendors/payees and requesting departments. 

Our Team

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