Cash Applications

Learn about cash applications on sponsored projects at Columbia University.


Payments (cash) are received by the University for sponsored projects in various ways and are applied to projects daily by the Sponsored Projects Finance (SPF) Cash Applications team. Administrators should be aware of the application process as it relates to their projects, and of the process they should follow if a sponsor requests payment info or if payment is received directly by the department.

In general, payments are received either by check or by wire transaction. The SPF Cash Applications Team retrieves the payments from the associated bank account each day for the prior day’s transactions, identifies the sponsored project to which payment belongs, and processes a journal entry to record the payment as collected. Additionally, if a private sponsored project (PG) has a gift association and has been assigned a gift number, the payment will be received and posted by the Office of Alumni Development (OAD), rather than the SPF Cash Applications Team.

Payments for sponsored projects appear on related reports (e.g., the Trial Balance and Sponsored Project Net Receivables report) under natural account 13020 for GG projects, and 13420 for PG projects. Historical payments may exist on other natural accounts in the 20-thousand series account range. Questions about payment analysis should be directed to the Sponsored Projects Finance (SPF) Finance and Compliance Manager.

If a payment is received directly by the department, notify the Finance and Compliance Manager and forward it, via USPS mail only, to the University’s lockbox at:

The Trustees of Columbia University
Sponsored Projects Finance (SPF)
PO Box 29789
General Post Office
New York, NY 10087-9789

For sponsor payments, our preferred method is wire or ACH. Please contact the SPF Finance and Compliance Manager for banking information or any other assistance in making payment to the University.

If a sponsor requests wire information or other assistance with making payment to the University, direct them to the (SPF) Finance and Compliance Manager.


Locate your Sponsored Projects Finance (SPF) Finance and Compliance Manager on the SPF Department Assignments List under Staff Directories, and contact them for information about cash applications.

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