Sponsored Projects Finance Team

Sponsored Projects Finance (SPF) is comprised of an Executive Director and three teams: 1) the Operations Team, 2) the Letter of Credit (LOC) Team, and 3) the Cash Accounting Team. Below you’ll find information on their respective roles and responsibilities, as well as links to the current staff directory and department assignments.

Team Structure

Executive Director

The executive director is responsible for managing all aspects of Sponsored Projects Finance. The current executive director is:

Deborah Goldberg
(T) 212.851.9447
(E) [email protected]

Operations Team

The SPF Operations Team is responsible for all department-facing aspects of post-award financial administration, including invoicing and reporting, cost transfer review and approval, project reconciliation, receivables management, and closeout. Operations team members are the primary points of contact for PIs and DAs.

Letter of Credit (LOC) Team

The SPF LOC Team is responsible for managing the letter-of-credit drawdown or reimbursement process and quarterly reporting of LOC projects to the federal government. Any questions about the LOC process or LOC projects should be directed to your Operations Team member.

Cash Accounting Team

The SPF Cash Accounting Team is responsible for processing and applying payments received for sponsored projects, and for managing collections activity on outstanding receivables. Any questions about the cash applications or collections process should be directed to your Operations Team member.

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