Find Resources for Documenting Personnel Costs

Find resources for documenting personnel costs, or effort reporting, on sponsored projects at Columbia University.


All paper certifications (e.g., for individuals who have left the University) must be accompanied by a Certification Justification Form explaining the circumstances for using the paper certification (e.g. “Prof. Jones is no longer at Columbia and Dr. Smith is the Principal Investigator on her grant.”)

Download the Manual Certification Justification form (pdf).

People are assigned as a self-certifier or non-self certifier based on their job code in Peoplesoft (PAC).  This table shows each job code and its alignment to either self-certifier or non-self-certifier.

Download Job Codes in PeopleSoft2 (xls).

All departments have a PEC who has final review of all effort reporting and monitors the Effort Coordinators. To find the PEC for your department send an email to [email protected].

Visit the Finance Training Library for additional training resources for Faculty and Effort Coordinators.

Any salary adjustments must be made in PAC Labor Accounting system. Visit Human Resources at Columbia for more information about PAC. See this job aid link for information on how to complete a cost transfer transaction. 

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