Outbound Subaward Finalization

Learn about the outbound subaward finalization process for sponsored projects at Columbia University.


The University regularly issues outbound subawards to other institutions as collaborators on sponsored projects for which Columbia is the prime recipient.

The principal investigator (PI) and departmental administrator (DA) are responsible for managing these subawards and, in the context of closing a sponsored project, ensuring that they are satisfied with the work performed by the subrecipient, that all associated invoices have been received and paid, and that all associated subaward purchase orders (SAPOs) have been liquidated and/or closed.

Throughout the life of the project, the PI and DA must monitor progress of the subrecipient for the scope of work outlined in the subaward agreement. They must also regularly review invoices for allowability, reasonableness and compatibility with the subaward budget, and when approved, process them for payment in the accounts payable system. In order to close the sponsored project, all outbound subaward invoices must be received and paid in advance of the expenditure finalization and validation due date as outlined in the expenditure finalization and validation procedure.

Additionally, all associated subaward purchase orders (SAPOs) must be fully liquidated and closed in ARC. See the SAPO liquidation job aid for guidance.



Contact your contact Sponsored Projects Administration Project Officer for information about the general management of outbound subawards.

Contact your Sponsored Projects Finance (SPF) Finance and Compliance Manager for information about SAPO and subaward closeouts.

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