Research Policy and Indirect Cost Group

The Research Policy & Indirect Cost Group (RPIC) is responsible for overseeing compliance with University policies and Federal regulations that govern the post-award financial administration of sponsored programs. 

Key activities:

  • Monitoring sponsoring agency policies and facilitating compliance;
  • Developing rate proposals and leading Uniform Guidance facilities and administrative (F&A) costs and fringe benefit rate negotiations with government agencies; 
  • Publishing rates and procedures involving graduate research assistant (GRA) tuition, fringe benefits, and recharge (service) centers;
  • Processing annual Effort Certifications;
  • Preparing the annual Uniform Guidance Report.

Key Partners

Documenting Personnel Costs (Effort Reporting)

Find everything you need to document the personnel costs of your sponsored project.

Financial Reporting and Operations

The Financial Reporting and Operations team is responsible for preparing the University’s quarterly and annual financial statements.

Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA)

SPA serves as a central resource to support the research community at Columbia University.

Sponsored Projects Finance (SPF)

SPF provides principal investigators and their administrators with post-award financial administration support services for sponsored programs.

Our Team

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