Learn About Shopping in the CU Marketplace

What Is the CU Marketplace?

The CU Marketplace provides users with a modern procurement experience through access to contracted, preferred suppliers, saving both time and money.

The CU Marketplace is powered by Jaggaer, the leading eProcurement solution used by 85% of R1 institutions and seven of the eight Ivy League schools, which integrates with ARC, Columbia’s financial system. Users can shop from a range of our enabled suppliers, create requisitions, acquire necessary approvals, and issue purchase orders all in one location—the CU Marketplace.

To start shopping, click the CU Marketplace logo to the right. 

CU Marketplace logo of shopping cart that says "Powered by Jaggaer"

Everything You Need to Know to Start Shopping

Animated image of delivery truck with open back door and a lion standing beside a stack of boxes.

In addition to a straightforward and intuitive shopping experience, the CU Marketplace offers the following advantages:

  • Catalog pricing is negotiated for all enabled suppliers.
  • Create just one requisition while shopping from multiple suppliers.
  • Manual submission of vouchers is no longer required. Electronic invoices are matched with automated payments to CU Marketplace suppliers. 
  • All approvals are handled within the Marketplace.
  • Unlike P-Cards, monthly reconciliations are not required when shopping in the Marketplace.

Visit our complete list of enabled suppliers in the Goods and Services Catalog to find information from each vendor.

The Marketplace will continue to grow as we add new vendors to the enabled supplier list over time. 

Faculty and staff who want to purchase items from the University's enabled suppliers can visit the Marketplace as a Shop Only user. You do not need to be an ARC user or have other special permissions to browse or fill a cart in the CU Marketplace. 

However, to complete purchases, Shop Only users will need Requisition Initiators and Department Requisition Approvers to finalize the transaction.

These roles require training to obtain. Visit Required Training and Other Guidance for CU Marketplace to learn more about assigned role requirements for approving school or departmental purchases in the Marketplace. 

Start shopping in the CU Marketplace now.

You can also access the CU Marketplace from the University's financial system, ARC, or from the Buying and Paying page on the Finance website.

Visit Required Training and Other Guidance for CU Marketplace for additional information about shopping in the Marketplace. 

If there are issues with your order, such as damages, an incomplete order, or you need to make a return, consult the CU Marketplace Vendors page for specific guidance.

Demo of the CU Marketplace

This video demonstrates the shopping experience in the CU Marketplace.

Overview Presentations

Information session recorded on December 7, 2023.

View a recording of the CU Marketplace Overview webinar from December 7, 2023, or download the webinar's CU Marketplace Overview slide presentation for review.

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