Inserting an Ad-Hoc Approver into Requisition Approval Workflow


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February 19, 2024

What Is It?

You can insert an additional approver into the workflow to review a Requisition, if needed. The Ad-Hoc Approver you want to insert must have the Department Requisition Approver role and must not already be in the approver pool for the Requisition. Requesters and Approvers can each only add one Ad-Hoc Approver

Before inserting an Ad-Hoc Approver, you must ensure that the Accounting Codes (ChartStrings) are complete for the Requisition.

Inserting an Ad-Hoc Approver into Requisition Workflow

Requesters should be on the Checkout screen and have completed the Accounting Codes before inserting the Ad-Hoc Approver. Approvers must assign the Requisition to themselves in order to insert an Ad-Hoc Approver.

1.  In the Summary pane on the right side of the of the Requisition page, click the Dept Approval step (and Special Approval, if applicable) in the Workflow to expand and view the approver pool for the requisition. If your Approver is not already in the approver pool, they can be inserted as an Ad-Hoc Approver.

CU Markeptace Requisition Checkout Screen

2. Click the Ad-Hoc Approver Select link at the bottom of the General section.

CU Marketplace Select Ad-Hoc Approver

The Ad-Hoc Approver window appears.

CU Marketplace Ad-Hoc Approver window

3. Click into the After field and select the approval workflow step where the Approver will be inserted.

CU Marketplace Ad-Hoc Approver window After dropdown

4.  Click into the Ad-Hoc Approver field and select the Approver from the list. You can type to filter the list of names. If an Approver is already included in the approval workflow for the Requisition, their name will not appear on the list.

5.  Click Save. The Requisition will indicate the Ad-Hoc Approver, which can be changed, if necessary, and the Summary panel will indicate the extra approval workflow step.

CU Marketplace Requisition Workflow Summary