CU Marketplace Tip: How to modify items in your Cart


PDF version of this tip is available to view and print.

March 21, 2024

What Is It?

If you need to make changes to items in your Shopping Cart, some CU Marketplace suppliers require you to return to their website to modify the items directly and then resubmit the items back into the Requisition. For other suppliers, you can modify items directly in the Cart. 

Modifying Items Using the Supplier’s Webpage

Line items from CU Marketplace suppliers that require you to modify items in your Cart via their webpage are indicated with a yellow bar and a link to modify the items.

1.         When viewing your CU Marketplace Cart, click the Modify Items link for the supplier and item.

CU Marketplace Modify Items

Your cart on the supplier’s webpage appears.

CU Marketplace Vendor PunchOut

2. You can increase or decrease the number of items, remove items, or add additional items. Adjust the Cart contents as desired.

3. Submit the modified order. Your Marketplace Shopping Cart appears with your changes.

CU Marketplace Modified Cart

Modifying Items Directly within the Cart

For CU Marketplace suppliers that allow you to modify directly in the Requisition, items to be removed can be selected in the Cart. To add items, you can continue to shop using the link to the supplier’s webpage from the dashboard.

CU Marketplace Directly Modifying Cart