Quote-to-PunchOut - Getting Quotes from Designated Vendors and Retrieving at PunchOut


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January 16, 2024

What Is It?

If you need to buy products in bulk and are interested in receiving reduced pricing (beyond Columbia’s already negotiated pricing) associated with the increased quantity, or you do not see a desired item in the CU Marketplace from a particular supplier, review the vendor information from the Enabled Suppliers webpage to check their Quote-to-PunchOut availability.

If the supplier supports Quote-to-PunchOut, contact the supplier directly for a quote for the product and quantity you want to procure. If the supplier offers a quote, retrieve your quote from inside the vendor's PunchOut website. Most vendors that offer Quote-to-Punchout have provided a guide that is available on the Enabled Suppliers webpage on how to retrieve quotes from their site.

Note: Discount codes are not needed in the CU Marketplace as discounts are already reflected in the prices provided by Columbia’s enabled vendors in the Marketplace.

Quote-To-PunchOut Availability and Instruction

1.  Visit the CU Marketplace Enabled Suppliers webpage to see if the vendor you are purchasing from offers Quote-to-Punchout.

2.  Scroll to the desired supplier listed on the page and expand the accordion section to view the Supplier Information.

CU Marketplace Enabled Supplier Information webpage

If the supplier offers Quote-to-PunchOut, it will be indicated. Most suppliers that offer Quote-to-Punchout have provided a guide on retrieving quotes from their PunchOut site.

3. To get a quote on a product, call the Representative/Contact listed with the supplier information. The representative will provide you with a quote number and other details.

4. Log into the CU Marketplace and click the tile for the vendor to PunchOut to their website.

5. Follow the directions in the Quote-to-PunchOut guide provided by the supplier to find your quote and add it to your Cart.

CU Marketplace Quote-to-Punchout Example

If the supplier has not provided a guide, ask the representative/contact for instruction, if needed.

6. Submit your Cart from the vendor site and the items associated with your quote will appear in your CU Marketplace Cart.