Request a Salary Distribution Change or Additional Compensation

Learn about how and when to request a change to salary distribution or additional compensation using a Labor Accounting form submitted to Payroll Accounting. 


Once an employee is hired and their record is in PAC, an employee's salary distribution profile can be changed through the salary distribution transaction process. The salary distribution only changes the allocation going forward.

To retroactively modify an employee's profile, that is, to make changes to payroll charges that have already been paid out, a cost transfer transaction, or retroactive salary distribution if within the current fiscal year, must be entered.

When to Use a Labor Accounting (LA) Form vs. Using Online PAC LA

When possible, you should use the PAC labor accounting system for all labor accounting transactions (i.e. all salary distributions, add-comps, and cost transfers). However, there are certain situations where you will need to submit a ServiceNow form to Payroll Accounting. 

Examples of when to submit a form include:

Salary Distribution Transactions

  • Stipends/Fellowships 
  • To redirect fringe to an alternate combo-code.

Additional Compensation Transactions
(Note: Morningside and CUIMC Campuses require appropriate approvals)

  • To immediately stop an additional compensation payment due in the current pay period.
  • To retroactively change the use of an additional compensation earnings code (i.e. to change a payment that was made as benefits ineligible [009] to one that should have been benefits-eligible [007] due to a continuation of additional duties that exceeds 8 months total). It can only be done during the calendar year (Jan - Dec 15th).
  • To retroactively change the payment composition of an additional compensation transaction (i.e. for a clinical faculty member, to change salary amounts already paid on 005 and 004). It can only be done during the calendar year (Jan - Dec15th).
  • To pay additional compensation for more than 75 days retroactively.
  • To pay additional compensation to an employee who is on a tax treaty.
  • To pay additional compensation to an hourly officer.
  • Payments that cannot be accomplished electronically in PAC, such as:
    • Terminated employees or position change

    • Unpaid leave of absence

Salary Distribution & Additional-Compensation Form

The Labor Accounting – Salary Distribution & Additional-Compensation Form should be used for any salary distributions or additional compensation that you are unable to accomplish in the PAC Labor Accounting system. 

Submit a Salary Distribution & Additional-Compensation Form

For requesting additional compensation or changes to salary distribution, which you are unable to accomplish in the PAC Labor Accounting system, please use the Labor Accounting – Salary Distribution & Additional-Compensation Form.

Complete a Salary Distribution Transaction

For general guidance on completing Salary Distribution Transactions – 

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