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Learn about how and when to request a salary cost transfer.

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Go directly to the ServiceNow Cost Transfer Form (ServiceNow access and login required).


A salary cost transfer is the process by which departments tell the University accounting system, ARC, to move actual payroll (not future) charges for an employee from one or more ComboCode(s)/ChartString(s) to other ComboCode(s)/ChartString(s).

Cost transfers can only be initiated for payroll charges that have already been processed by the payroll system.

Cost transfer transactions are created for both active and inactive employees in your home department(s) for both the current fiscal year and minus-two fiscal years on the department level. If needed, a ServiceNow Cost Transfer request can be submitted to the transaction on charges prior to two fiscal years.

When to Use a Labor Accounting (LA) Form vs. Using Online PAC LA

When possible, you should use the PAC labor accounting system for all labor accounting transactions (i.e. all salary distributions, additional compensation, and cost transfers). However, there are certain situations where you will need to submit a ServiceNow form to Payroll Accounting. 

The Labor Accounting – Salary Distribution & Additional-Compensation Form should be used for any Salary Distributions or Add Comps that you are unable to accomplish in the PAC Labor Accounting system.  

Examples of when to submit a form include:

Salary Distribution Transactions

  • Stipends/Fellowships 
  • To redirect fringe to an alternate combo-code.

Additional Compensation Transactions
(Note: Morningside and CUIMC Campuses require appropriate approvals)

  • To immediately stop an add comp payment due in the current pay period.
  • To retroactively change use of an add comp earnings code.
  • Can only be done during calendar year (Jan -  Dec15th).
  • To retroactively change the payment composition of an add comp transaction (i.e. for a clinical faculty member, to change salary amounts already paid on 005 and 004).  Can only be done during calendar year (Jan - Dec15th).
  • To pay an add comp more than 75 days retroactively.
  • To pay an add comp to an employee who is on a tax treaty.
  • To pay an add comp to an Hourly Officer.
  • Payments that cannot be accomplished electronically in PAC, such as:
    • Terminated employees or position change
    • Unpaid leave of absence

When to Use the ServiceNow Cost Transfer Form

The Cost Transfer ServiceNow Form should be used for cost transfers only if you are unable to use the PAC Labor Accounting system to complete the transaction.

The following is required for all Cost Transfers prior to submitting the form:

  • Appropriate detailed back-up documentation (i.e. FDS Detailed Payroll Report or PAC Payroll Actuals Report).
  • Confirm that combo codes / projects are active and valid – not ended.
  • Percentages must not exceed 100%.

Examples of when to submit a form include:

  • Cost Transfers on grant projects (GG, PG) “over 90 days” require detailed justification in addition to active and valid end dates. These cost transfers will be forwarded to RPIC for approval prior to being processed by Payroll Labor Accounting. Note the following exceptions:
    • Terminated employees
    • Departments with no access to an employees’ specific record number
  • Accounting transactions for casual employees outside of their administrative department
  • Retroactive cost transfers originally generated by a Time Entry form (or in FFE Casual & Support Staff Time Entry module).
  • To transfer funds due to salary adjustments as requested by the grant award for fiscal year periods outside the allowable (current FY and one prior FY) time frame for departments to process via PAC LA
  • Employees with more than one (1) EMPL RCD for which the department does not have access to the specific record. This includes cost transfers to be posted to and from foreign departments outside the access of the administrative department. Authorized approval signatures are required for all parties.
  • Terminated Employees

For FFE Payroll Functions

All additional payments for Union and Non Union Support Staff and Casuals including OT or Shift Differentials will continue to be handled in the FFE Casual & Support Staff Time Entry module.

Use a Labor Accounting (LA) Form

Use the Labor Accounting – Salary Distribution & Additional-Compensation Form for any salary distributions or additional compensation that you are unable to accomplish in the PAC Labor Accounting System. 

Submit a Salary Cost Transfer

For requesting a cost transfer you are unable to accomplish in the PAC Labor Accounting system, please use the Cost Transfer ServiceNow Form.

Provide Supporting Documentation for a Salary Cost Transfer Request

Use the Cost Transfer Documentation Template form to provide supporting documentation for a salary cost transfer request. 

Learn how to Create and Approve Time Entry Transactions

For guidance on Managing FFE Time Entry Transactions.

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