Payment Cards (P-Cards, Corporate Cards, and Human Subjects Pay Cards)

The Procurement Card (P-Card) Office provides administrative support for the University’s P-Card program. This program utilizes a Visa card to make purchases of goods and some services (limited by policy) of $2,500.00 or less. 

Using the P-Card to make purchases and provide payment is cost-effective for the University as it allows departments to:

  1.     Make purchases promptly
  2.     Track expenses
  3.     Reduce the need for petty cash
  4.     Reduce the transaction cost of processing the purchase and the payment

Key Functions

ARC System

ARC is the consolidated Finance system for Columbia University and includes components for Purchasing, Accounts Payable, P-Card, and Vendor Profiles. ARC replaces all the Procurement legacy systems as well as the P-Card WORKS system for transaction sign-off and approval.

Corporate Card

The P-Card Office also manages the University’s Corporate Card Program. The Corporate Card is a credit card that can be used by individuals to pay for University-approved travel and business-related expenses. There is no annual fee associated with the card. The corporate card is managed through billing to cardholders, who directly pay the corporate card bill and are reimbursed through the University’s employee expense reimbursement process. Contact the Finance Service Center for more information.

Pay Card (for Human Subjects)

Columbia University Medical Center provides Human Subject Clinical Trial participants Prepaid Visa Debit Cards as compensation. Visit Purchase Using the Pay Card (Human Subjects) to learn more. 

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