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Learn about Endowment Term Sheets, their purposes, and how to access Term Sheets at Columbia University.


Endowment Term Sheets are an easy way to locate the key terms and restrictions of endowments that you are managing. The Term Sheets provide information to assist you when determining how the funds may be spent and other obligations or required stewardship. It does not track or summarize the total history of gifts to the fund, as this information is maintained elsewhere.

As part of an ongoing compliance initiative, it is important that your department reviews the Endowment Term Sheet for each of its endowment funds. Please read each Endowment Term Sheet in its entirety to ensure a full understanding of all the terms, restrictions, and obligations.

The Term Sheets exist for endowments, as these funds are of a long term or perpetual nature.  As gift funds are intended to be spent over a relatively short period of time, please refer to the gift documentation retained by the School or department, or email [email protected]

You can access the Term Sheets at endowmentadmin.columbia.edu, but you must first complete the Endowment and Gift Compliance and Administration training. You will also need to apply for access to the Term Sheets using the Financial Systems Security Application (FSSA). Visit Apply for Access to Finance Systems to learn more about the application process.

Use our Endowment Term Sheet Quick Reference to guide you through reading your Term Sheet.

For additional questions about endowments and Term Sheets, contact us at [email protected].


Specific inquiries should be directed as follows:

Questions regarding the financial administration of endowment and gift funds:

Office of the Controller
Contact: Jacqueline Erickson
Director, Endowment and Gift Administration and Compliance
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (212) 854-9689

Questions regarding legal issues (e.g., legal interpretation of terms and restrictions, modifying restrictions):

Office of the General Counsel
Contact: Remi Silverman
Associate General Counsel
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (212) 854-0287

In addition, the Office of University Compliance provides a compliance hotline website for confidential, anonymous and open communication of any compliance concerns or suspicions of business misconduct.


Use our Endowment Term Sheet Quick Reference to guide you through reading your Term Sheet.


For comprehensive guidance on how to manage and spend endowment funds, the University has developed the following policies:



To access your Term Sheets, visit endowmentadmin.columbia.edu.

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