Learn About the Cash Module

Learn about the Cash Module at Columbia University.


The Cash Module is an online tool—accessed through FFE/FinSys—that is used to enter cash and check deposit transactions prior to drop off at the Cashier's Office teller window. This electronic recording and tracking process provides a proper audit trail of the transaction and reinforces important controls and accounting methods for University cash handling.  

Please note that credit card slip processing is not handled via this module. Gift checks should be processed via the Advance Gift System (see your administrator for more information). Grant checks should be processed via Sponsored Projects Administration.

In order to use the Cash Module, you will first need to apply for access, using the Financial Systems Security Application (FSSA). For more information on applying for access, visit Apply for Access to Finance Systems.

Visit Required Trainings by Departmental Role for information on what trainings you will need to take.


There one training available in our Training Library that will guide you through working in the Cash Module, including (but not limited to):

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