Update the Petty Cash Fund Custodian

Learn how to update the petty cash fund custodian at Columbia University.

Departments can change the designated custodian of a petty cash fund. Please make sure all necessary forms are approved by your respective Departmental Authorization Function (DAF) Administrator before proceeding to the instructions. 

Required Documentation

Required Training

Departments can request an update to the designated custodian by following these steps:

  1. A DAF admin must write an attestation confirming the cash transfer to the new custodian.
  2. The new custodian must sign the Custodian Consent Form and the Petty Cash Reconciliation Form.
  3. Submit a petty cash fund request in ServiceNow. In the Request Type, select Change Custodian.
  4. Supply the requested basic information and details about the former custodian.
  5. Next you will be asked to provide the required attachments and forms listed above in the Requirements section. 
  6. Following submission of the request, the new custodian will be assigned to complete the Petty Cash Custodian Training and Knowledge Assessment in the ELM. Completion of this training must be recorded.


New custodians must complete the Petty Cash Custodian Training and Knowledge Assessment.

For step-by-step instructions for submitting petty cash requests, please visit the Submitting Petty Cash Requests via ServiceNow Training Guide.

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