Systems and Reports

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CU Financial Systems

Accounting and Reporting at Columbia (ARC)

ARC is one integrated system that includes a new chart of accounts for general ledger, budgeting, purchasing, and accounts payable.  ARC allows people across the University to conduct financial transactions in one integrated, web-based system, and, over time, to have access to more timely and useful financial reports. For information about ARC, go to the ARC Tool Kit.


People@Columbia (PAC)

A customized version of PeopleSoft that integrates and processes all Human Resources and Payroll transactions for Columbia University. The system is managed by CUHR.  Please navigate to People@Columbia Resources page for information regarding policy, access, functionality, training and user resources.


Financial Front End (FFE/FINSYS)

Modules of this CU financial system are used for budget, cash and time entry transactions.  Note that certain FFE modules (for journal entries, IDIs, change orders) have been replaced by ARC. 


Effort Reporting & Certification Technology (ECRT)

Facilitates both the monitoring of effort distributions during the year and the required annual certification of effort.  


Legacy Applications and Reporting

As of July 2012, many financial systems have been replaced by ARC.  The following applications and reporting tools will still be available in read-only mode: FFE, AP/CAR, DARTS, and FAS.  They can be accessed from the ARC Portal.


ARC/FDS Reporting

There are a number of available tools you can use to access and monitor financial information: FDS (Financial Data Store), ARC Queries, ARC Inquiries, ARC Reports, Advanced Reporting Tools and Integrating System reports.  For more detailed information, see the Reporting Basics website.


Legacy Reporting (DARTS and Data Warehouse)

DARTS and Data Warehouse Reports can be accessed from the ARC Portal.  To learn more, see the Reporting Basics website.