Sign Up for Direct Deposit

Learn how to sign up for direct deposit at Columbia University. 


Direct Deposit allows suppliers and University employees wishing to have their invoiced payments and disbursements deposited directly into their bank accounts. Direct deposit is also known as ACH.

Columbia employees who receive their paychecks via direct deposit will also need to sign up for direct deposit as a payee to receive reimbursements, as payroll files are separate, confidential, and cannot be shared.

Use the ARC Vendor / Payee Request Web Form to view your current supplier profile. This online application will allow departments to request the setup of new suppliers or payees, as well as request any modifications, like direct deposit information. If you are a current supplier, use this form to make any modifications to your information.

If you are looking to add yourself to our system, please contact the department that is requesting your services so that they may initiate the process.

In order to sign up for direct deposit, you will need information that can be found on your current check. The following image illustrates where that information is located:

This image illustrates where to find specific information on a bank check.

Use the ARC Vendor / Payee Request web form to view and change your current supplier profile. Please note: only current suppliers can modify their information.


View the Submitting a Vendor/Payee Profile Request job aid for step-by-step guidance on what is required of suppliers viewing and changing their information on the ARC Vendor / Payee Request web form.


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