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Learn about the Financial Data Store (FDS) at Columbia University.


The Financial Data Store (FDS) provides access to financial data from Accounting and Reporting at Columbia (ARC). Financial data accessed from the FDS will be one day old, with the exception of Budget/Consolidated Operating Budget (COB) data which is updated multiple times throughout the day. Reports run from FDS can be viewed online, downloaded to multiple formats, printed, or saved.

Please note: If you have applied for and received access to ARC, you will already have access to FDS.

In order to access the FDS, you will first need to apply for access, using the Financial Inquiry Application (FIA). For more information on applying for access, visit Apply for Access to Finance Systems.

Visit Required Trainings by Departmental Role for information on what trainings you will need to take.

There are 14 FDS Report Categories to choose from:


There are a variety of trainings available in our Training Library that will guide you through FDS reports, including (but not limited to):

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