Find Fund Balances

Learn about finding fund balances in the Accounting and Reporting at Columbia (ARC) system at Columbia University.


Users with appropriate security access can view a results page at the end of the ChartField Statement report that contains a summary that includes the fund balance, claim on cash, and, in some cases, petty cash information.

Claim on cash is calculated from data shown in the specific ChartField Statement run, i.e., 4-series accounts, as well as from other sources. As such, the claim on cash number will not tie directly to the information in the report.

Claim on cash will appear if you are looking at the Trial Balance by Account Detail report.

In order to access reports, you will need to have access to our financial systems. Visit Required Trainings by Role for details about gaining access.


There are a number of trainings available in our Training Library that will guide you through the reporting process, including:

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