Find Commonly Used FDS Reports

Find commonly used Financial Data Store (FDS) reports at Columbia University.


Three examples of commonly used Financial Data Store (FDS) reports are ChartField Detailed Statements, Payroll Detail Reports, and Sponsored Project Financial Reports:

ChartField Detailed Statements

The ChartField Detail Statement provides information on fiscal year-to-date financial activity for budget versus actuals, commitment/encumbrance balances, as well as prior fiscal year balances.  The report parameters allow users to run this report at the department, project, initiative, segment, site and function levels (or any combination of these ChartFields). The entire ChartField is included in the report results.

Users are also able to drill down to transaction details for each account in the ChartString from either the “Month” or “Year” column. Actuals are compared to both current budget and prior year amounts, along with information for encumbrances and pre-encumbrances.

Payroll Detail Reports

The Payroll Detail Statement enables users to see a variety of salary-related amounts for individual employees, including a breakdown of payments and activity ranges per earn code. Use this report to review employee salary payments by Project, Combocode, Account, and Earn code. Period payments also show Transaction Start Date and End Date, Fringe breakouts by type (e.g., A1 & A2), and Project Activity ranges. This report is particularly useful when processing Cost Transfers in PAC.

Sponsored Project Financial Reports

The Sponsored Project Financial Report (SPFR) tracks spending on specific Projects. PI's, Departments, and Central Offices, including SPA and SPF, may have access to this report. The Sponsored Project Financial Report aggregates financial information by Project but may include a certain Activity Type or Activity selected when running the report. The user is also able to drill down to transaction-level detail.


Here are the most frequently used FDS reports available for fiscal year lifecycle activities:

Here are the most used FDS reports providing information on Sponsored, Capital, and other projects that have Project Lifecycle budgets and activity:

Please note: These projects typically have time periods that span multiple fiscal years.


There are a variety of trainings available in our Training Library that will guide you through FDS reports, including (but not limited to):

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