Create a Requisition in ARC

Learn about the requirements and steps involved in creating a requisition through ARC at Columbia University. 

Already Know What to Do?

Go to the ARC Portal to log into ARC and create a requisition.


A requisition is a formal request to buy a good or service and allows users to create either an auto-source purchase order for UwPA purchases or a central purchase order.

Requisitions can be created in one of two places: Purchases from enabled UwPA suppliers require requisitions to be submitted through the CU Marketplace; requisitions for non-Marketplace purchases (UwPAs and non-UwPAs) must be created in ARC.

Once a requisition has received final approval by the Purchasing Department, ARC generates a purchase order and dispatches it to the supplier via email, so you must include the correct vendor email and address on the requisition. 

ARC Roles

Requisitions are requested by a Requestor and then entered into ARC by a Requisitioner. The requisition is then passed on to multiple approvers.

On certain transactions, prior approval may be necessary. Approvers cannot approve their own transactions unless they have security access that permits them to bypass segregation of duties.


To create an ARC requisition, follow these steps:

  • Verify funding and approval for a purchase prior to initiating or approving a requisition.
  • Collect required supporting documentation before creating the requisition.
  • Create a requisition in ARC.
  • Conduct a "Budget Check" during the requisition creation. Upload any required documentation.
  • If approved, a purchase order will be sent automatically to the vendor.

You can check on the status of a requisition or purchase order by visiting the Purchasing tab in the Electronic Documentation Management (EDM) Application.

Multi-Year Requisition 

Review the Creating a Multi-Year Requisition in ARC job aid.


Services Compliance Checklist

Purchasing Methods and Requirements

Learn more about the following Purchasing Methods:

  • CU Marketplace
  • P-Card
  • Requisition for auto-sourced (direct) purchase orders (PO) in ARC
  • Requisitions for Central PO in ARC for items not using UwPAs
  • Non-PO Voucher (voucher-only)


Find general guidance on how to create a requisition in ARC.

University Policy

Please view Requisitions and Purchase Orders on our University Policies site for additional information.