Review Employee Salary Distribution History

Learn about how to review employee salary distribution history.


A salary distribution is the process by which departments communicate the allocation of regular earnings for faculty and staff to the Accounting and Reporting at Columbia (ARC) system. Departments create salary distribution profiles in PAC which detail the ComboCodes/ChartStrings to which the employee’s earnings should be charged.

At the time of hire/rehire, a salary distribution profile is created for all faculty and staff via Template-Based Hire (TBH), or by Payroll for employees who could not be hired using TBH. 

PAC Reporting

Salary Distribution history, which shows the amounts and percentages of an individual's salary charged to which ChartFields, can be found in the People@Columbia (PAC) Labor Accounting module.

The page in the system displays the employee's salary distribution history including the most recent profile.  

Salary distribution information is viewable only by the home department. The most recent profile is displayed and shows all approved funding allocations for an employee's regular earnings.

You can also view the employee's most recent and historical salary distribution profiles as well as the combo codes and allocations for a particular salary distribution, if the salary was charged to more than one ChartString.

PAC Funding Setup Report provides helpful per employee funding data. This can be found in PAC. 

FDS Reports

Another option is to download the FDS Payroll Detail Report or the Employee Report into Excel (be sure to save CSV file as an Excel Workbook). Then create a pivot table (Insert>Pivot Table), then manipulate the data to create a custom table as per your needs.  To learn more about how to use Excel Pivot Tables, see for online training.  


Learn More About Compensation and Salary Accounting

For guidance on additional compensation, salary distributions, cost transfers, and garnishments, please visit Compensation and Salary Accounting (Central HR).

Complete a Salary Distribution Transaction

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