Request a Petty Cash Reimbursement

Learn how to request petty cash reimbursement at Columbia University.


The custodian must manage the reimbursement process. University faculty, staff, students, and visitors may request reimbursement for a business-related expense, not to exceed $80, from the custodian. 

(For reimbursements related to Human Subject Research, please visit Manage Human Subject Research Petty Cash Funds.) 

Submit Receipts to Custodian

For each expense, an individual must submit original receipts to the Fund Custodian, and sign off on the Petty Cash Receipts Summary Form upon receipt of reimbursement.

The Receipts Summary Form should provide the following information:

  • Documentation of the date of purchase.
  • Name of the person reimbursed.
  • Description of the item purchased, including a valid business reason.
  • For business meals inside the office, document the purpose of the meeting and list those in attendance if 10 or fewer people or the number of attendees if the group is larger than 10.
  • For local transportation, including origin, destination, and business purpose.
  • Dollar amount (not to exceed $80).
  • Original receipt.
  • Signature of the person who received payment.
  • Signature of the custodian or senior DAF who approved the reimbursement.

For more information, please refer to slides 17-18 in the Petty Cash Web-Based Training.

Misplaced or Lost Receipts

In the case of missing or lost receipts, make sure the expense is fully explained on the Petty Cash Receipts Summary Form and signed off by the recipient and the custodian.

For more information, please refer to slide 18 outlined in the Petty Cash Web-Based Training.

Learn Steps for Reimbursing Petty Cash

For guidance on how to reimburse petty cash, please refer to the Petty Cash Web-Based Training.

Required Form

Complete and submit the Petty Cash Receipts Summary Form.

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