Replenish a Petty Cash Fund

Learn how to replenish a petty cash fund at Columbia University.

Required Forms

Required Approvals 

The Receipts Summary Form and accompanying Check Request need to be approved by a DAF with petty cash authorization. Under no circumstance may an individual approve his or her own petty cash reimbursements or that of a person to whom he or she reports. 

Required Documentation of Petty Cash Receipts

Arrange original receipts in chronological order (exclude any confidential subject information, if applicable) and by type. Affix them to 8 1/2 x 11-inch white paper using clear tape (no staples). This process is necessary for document scanning.

When a petty cash fund is low, the custodian should do the following:

  1. Compile the petty cash receipts (see below).
  2. Attach the receipts to the corresponding Petty Cash Receipts Summary Form.
  3. Fill out an Accounts Payable Check Request.
  4. Electronically process a Petty Cash Voucher in ARC​.


For guidance on how to replenish a fund, please refer to the Petty Cash Web-Based Training.

Job Aids

For guidance on how to create a Petty Cash Replenishment Voucher in ARC, please refer to the job aid on Submitting a Petty Cash Replenishment Voucher in ARC


For guidance on check pick-ups, please refer to the Check Pick-Up Policy and Procedure

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