Process a General or Internal Transfer Journal Entry

Learn about how to process a general or internal transfer journal entry through the Accounting and Reporting at Columbia (ARC) system. 


Once a journal entry is created in ARC, the journal must be edit checked, budget checked, and submitted for approval before posting. When the journal edit process runs, the journal header and journal lines are checked for errors.

The journal edit process ensures all accounting strings are comprised of valid chartfield combinations where debits equal credits. When the budget checking process runs, the accounting strings are checked against budgets. If the journal entry is not within the budget or a budget doesn't exist, the budget status will error.

A journal entry cannot be posted until it passes both edit check and budget check. Additionally, the journal entry must be routed for approval, and all designated approvers must approve the journal for it to be valid for posting.

Steps Involved in Processing Journal Entries
  1. Download the Spreadsheet Journal Import Tool from the ARC Portal.
    • It is recommended that users periodically check the ARC Portal for version updates.
  2. Create journals offline using the Spreadsheet Journal Import Tool.
    • Important: The spreadsheet journal import tool is available for internal transfer journal entries as well as general journal entries. Please note separate templates are required for each.
  3. Import the spreadsheet journal into ARC.
  4. Process the imported journal in ARC.
Processing a General Journal Entry

For guidance on Journal Entries for General Journals.

Processing an Internal Transfer ​​​​​​

For guidance on Journal Entries for Internal Transfers.

Processing a Journal Entry (General and Internal Transfer)

For guidance on both general and internal transfer journal entries in ARC, please refer to the job aids below.

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