Office of Management and Budget

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) assists the President, senior management, and the University Trustees in planning for the future of the University with forecasting relating to the allocation of resources, formulation of operating and capital plans, and monitoring performance against these plans. 

Our Mission is to:

  • Provide our customers with a framework for estimating the cost of day-to-day operations, capital investments, and new initiatives.
  • Maintain a spending and revenue plan that supplies appropriate resources for the academic and operational goals of the University while providing flexibility for new needs and changes in external conditions.
  • Create systems to quantify the revenue and expense targets, report actual results during the year, assign specific accountability for each target, and re-forecast actual results on a regular basis.
  • Assist senior management in evaluating original budget plans, alternative scenarios for both internal action and external trends, and quantify these results in standard budget formats.
  • Seek efficiencies in operations, opportunities for resource enhancement.
  • Monitor actual results on a regular basis and update forecasts accordingly. Present and quantify various scenarios for response to variance from budget.

Our Team

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