Manage a Merchant Account with Arrow Payments

Reach out to Columbia University's independent payment technology advisor for answers to your merchant account-related questions or fulfilling merchant service requests.

As you know, Columbia University acknowledges the importance of its data security and regulatory responsibilities and has established a framework to protect cardholder data. All processes, operational procedures, and related technologies used for accepting credit cards must comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and relevant University Policies.

Recent changes in the payments industry have allowed for greater flexibility in the way we are able to accept credit cards as a method of payment. The Office of the Treasurer and CUIT is committed to providing the support and technology necessary to enable continued success with potential new systems.

One of our challenges is to understand unique departmental needs while providing the most advanced, secure, and efficient payment solutions necessary to meet University requirements and PCI compliance. We have recently engaged Arrow Payments (independent payment technology advisors) to partner with us to understand the payment system needs across campus and recommend solutions.

You can reach Arrow Payments through the email address [email protected] for assistance with the following services:

  • Opening New Merchant Accounts

  • Payment Gateway, Processor & Payments Portal User Administration

  • Facilitating Equipment Requests

  • PayPal Setups & Account Clearing

  • Epic Integration Advisory Services

  • General Payment Systems Troubleshooting
  • Phone, email, and online support assistance to all Columbia University Merchants

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