Learn About Lease Renewals and Vacating Procedures

Learn about lease renewals and vacating procedures for a residential unit at Columbia University. 


Lease Renewals

Most student leases will expire on May 31st. Lease renewals will be mailed in spring for the following leasing period, provided that you continue to remain eligible for housing and have complied with terms of the current lease. 

Graduating tenants must vacate on the last day of the month they graduate.

Post-doctoral and faculty leases at the Irving Medical Center campus expire on June 30th and are renewed on July 1st for 12 months. 

The Morningside campus renews employee and faculty leases for 12 months from the start of the initial leasing period. 

If at any time you cease to be affiliated with Columbia University, you must vacate.


Under the terms of your lease, near completion of your lease or expiration of your affiliation, you must notify Columbia Residential in writing 30 days before leaving by completing a "Notice of Vacancy" form.

To coordinate a move-out time, contact building personnel.

All keys must be returned to building personnel on the day you vacate.

Your apartment must be clean and clear of all personal items.

Failure to follow University vacancy procedures will result in continued liability of rent and/or forfeiting of part or all of your security deposit.

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