Learn about Insurance for Marine Vehicles, Cargo, and Equipment in Transit

Learn about obtaining insurance for marine vehicles, cargo, and equipment in transit at Columbia University.


Columbia University schools and departments often purchase valuable equipment that must be shipped to them by the manufacturer/distributor. Generally, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer and/or distributor to insure newly purchased equipment during transit, but you should always verify this prior to shipment. 

If the manufacturer/distributor is not insuring the shipment or the insurance cost is high and is being passed on to the school/department, the University's insurance program can be used to insure the shipment.

Many schools and departments also ship owned or leased equipment to locations throughout the world for research and other purposes. It is the responsibility of the school/department to insure owned or leased equipment during transit. Most freight companies offer transit insurance but the cost can be relatively expensive when compared to the university's program. 

Equipment in transit between locations is not covered for loss or damage under Columbia University's insurance program unless the shipment is reported and accepted for coverage.

The Risk Management Department has automated the transit insurance process by arranging access to an on-line program that provides real-time quoting and certificate of insurance issuance for transit coverage. The program is called MarshCargo.

In order to use MarshCargo, the Columbia employee responsible to coordinate equipment shipping for their school/department must first submit a MarshCargo User ID and Password Request Form via fax to (212) 854-9709 or e-mail it to: [email protected]. Once their User ID and Password Request Form is approved, they will receive their ID and Password via e-mail and be able to use the system.

To learn more about how to use the system, please access the MarshCargo Users Guide. Additionally, you can visit the Client Side Learning Center for more information.

Use this link to go directly to MarshCargo.

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