Integrating System Distributions

Learn about integrating system distributions for sponsored projects at Columbia University.


Integrating system distributions are regularly occurring expenditures such as payroll and communications charges that are set up to post to sponsored projects on a continual basis. These distributions must be either canceled or redirected as part of the sponsored project closeout process.

As part of the expenditure finalization and validation procedure, integrating system distributions must be either cancelled or redirected when a sponsored project is coming to an end so that associated charges will no longer attempt to post to projects once they have terminated. Principal investigators and administrators should utilize the same systems and mechanisms for cancelling or redirecting these distributions (e.g., PAC for payroll) as used for initiating them. Questions about how to cancel or redirect these distributions should be directed to the corresponding office.


Contact your Sponsored Projects Finance (SPF) Finance and Compliance Manager for information about integrating systems distributions.

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