Handle Special Equipment

Learn about the procedures required in handling special equipment at Columbia University.


What is Special Equipment?

Certain types of equipment require special handling procedures because of the way that they are acquired or the type of equipment that has been acquired. This equipment includes:

  • Capital gifts-in-kind
  • Fabricated equipment
  • Found capital equipment
  • Government-owned or furnished capital equipment
  • Loaned capital equipment
  • Lost, stolen, or damaged equipment
  • Minor equipment
  • Motor vehicles
  • Surplus government equipment
  • Transfers from other institutions

Use the table below to identify the special handling required for each type of equipment.


There are a variety of forms that you can use for special equipment, including:

Property and Equipment Manual

For all Columbia University property and equipment policies and information, use the Property and Equipment Manual.


For questions or inquiries about equipment, contact [email protected].

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