Find Key Policies and Guidelines

Find key policies and guidelines for endowment and gift administration at Columbia University.


For comprehensive guidance on how to manage and spend endowment and gift funds, the University has developed the following policies:

Use these Professorship Spending Guidelines as a guideline for spending from professorship endowments.


Specific inquiries should be directed as follows:

Questions regarding the financial administration of endowment funds:

Office of the Controller
Contact: Jacqueline Erickson
Director, Endowment Administration and Compliance
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (212) 854-9689

Questions regarding legal issues (e.g., legal interpretation of terms and restrictions, modifying restrictions):

Office of the General Counsel
Contact: Remi Silverman
Associate General Counsel
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (212) 854-0287

In addition, the Office of University Compliance provides a compliance hotline website for confidential, anonymous and open communication of any compliance concerns or suspicions of business misconduct.



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