Creating and Updating ChartFields

Learn about creating and updating ChartFields in the Accounting and Reporting at Columbia (ARC) system.


ChartFields are the individual components that describe each element of a financial transaction (e.g., department, funding source, etc.). A group of ChartFields together makes a ChartString, which is needed for every procurement transaction and journal entry in ARC.

To create or update a ChartField, you will need to request a ChartField from the Office of the Controller.

However, you must first become a ChartField Requester in ARC. This role allows users to view all financial activity recorded on a specific project, activity, initiative, or segment.

After you become a ChartField Requester, you can access the ChartField Request Form from either the ARC Portal, or within ARC by navigating to Columbia Specific / General Ledger / ChartField Request Form / ChartFields.

With an inquiry or reporting-only role, you can view data in ARC and also view financial reports through the Financial Data Store (FDS). Visit Required Trainings by Role for information about gaining access and the required trainings.

Please note: Access to Payroll Accounting Distribution (PAD) information by Department or ChartField may also be requested via the FIA. Also, this security application allows an administrator to request reporting access on behalf of faculty, principal investigators, or scope investigators.  

For further information on the ChartField Request Form and associated roles, responsibilities, and workflow, please review the ChartField Request Form Job Aid.

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