Clean Up Pending General Ledger Transactions

Learn how to remove in the Accounting and Reporting at Columbia (ARC) system open internal transfers and general journal transactions that have been in pending status for an extended period of time. 


Quarterly Review Process of Pending General Ledger Transactions

A quarterly review process is undertaken by the Controller's Office to ensure that open ARC internal transfer and general journal transactions in pending status for an extended period of time are removed in a timely manner through processing or cancellation.  

This process helps to improve overall system functionality by reducing the number of abandoned, stale transactions that are included in system queries and batch processes. 

This method is similar to the steps required to Clean Up Pending Procurement Transactions.  

How does this process work?

ARC users in schools and departments will need to review any transactions they have initiated that are still in pending status, and more than 90 days old. ARC users should resolve any transaction they still want to complete. 

Transactions that are not resolved by the communicated deadlines will be closed and canceled and no longer available for any actions by ARC users. Once the stale transaction has been closed or canceled, an ARC user will need to re-initiate the transaction to complete it.  

GL transactions that need to be reviewed:

  • Internal transfer entries
  • General journal entries

What do I need to do?

Departments should review their pending transactions. To help users identify pending transactions, they should use the following options in ARC:

  1. Navigate to your ARC Worklist.  
  2. Use the ARC "Journal Approval Search" page (i.e. Main Menu > Columbia Specific > General Ledger > Workflow > Journal Approval Search)
  3. Use the "Find an Existing Value" tab of the "CU Journal Internal Transfers" page in ARC (i.e. Main Menu > Columbia Specific > General Ledger > Internal Transfer Journal Entry).
  4. Use the "Find an Existing Value" tab of the "Create/Update Journal Entries" page in ARC (i.e. Main Menu > General Ledger > Journals > Journal Entry > Create/Update Journal Entries). Tip: When using the “Find an Existing Value” option, set the ‘Journal ID’ to “<” and input “0001149500”.

Important: After the clean-up, transactions will no longer be available and will need to be re-initiated. 

Schools and departments may set earlier dates for completion of these processes – please check with your school/department senior business officer.

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This process is similar to the pending transaction clean-up requirements for procurement transactions. For additional guidance, please refer to page – Clean Up Pending Procurement Transactions.

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