Change Petty Cash Fund Information

Learn how to change petty cash fund information at Columbia University.


Departments can make changes to a project number or the custodian of a Petty Cash Fund. Please make sure all necessary forms are approved by your respective Departmental Authorization Function (DAF) Administrator. 

Changing a Project Number on a Petty Cash Fund

Change the Custodian

To change the custodian of a Petty Cash Fund, first, complete the request process:

Next, establish a Petty Cash Vendor Profile in ARC:

Finally, share and confirm:

Send an email confirming the completion of the above, scan and attach all required documents to [email protected].

Change a Petty Cash Fund Information (including Custodian)

For general guidance on how to make changes to a Petty Cash Fund, please refer to the Petty Cash Web-Based Training.

Establish a Petty Cash Vendor Profile 

For guidance on creating a Petty Cash Vendor Profile in ARC –

Required Forms

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