Change the Amount of a Petty Cash Fund

Learn how to change the amount of a petty cash fund at Columbia University.


Departments can request to increase or decrease its petty cash fund amounts. 

Note: Circumstances requiring petty cash funds of greater than $500 will need to be approved by the Office of the Controller and may necessitate additional documentation. Contact [email protected] for more information.

To Increase or Decrease the Amount of a Petty Cash Fund

Please refer to sections, "Petty Cash Lifecycle" and "Increasing or Decreasing a Fund" in the Petty Cash Web-Based Training.

Learn Steps for Changing Amount of a Petty Cash Fund

For detailed guidance on how to change a petty cash fund amount, please refer to the Petty Cash Web-Based Training

Processing Cash Receipts 

For guidance on how to process cash and check deposit transactions in FFE, refer to the web-based training: Using the Cash Module.

Required Form

Complete and submit the Petty Cash Administration Form – To Increase (or Decrease) Petty Cash Fund.

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