Facilities Construction / Operations / Maintenance

Areas of responsibility for Construction and Facilities Services includes following:

Architecture/EngineeringConstruction Management
General ContractingDemolition
ElectricalData-Tel Cabling
FlooringSecurity Systems & Services
SignageMaintenance-Custodial Services
LandscapingGround Services


Facilities Services also provides Vendor Qualification & Maintenance (Facilities vendors only, not vendor validation) and Contract & Insurance Administration.


During the COVID-19 health emergency, all Columbia University facilities organizations have implemented the New York State Construction Guidelines for all construction and facilities related activities. Please visit NYS Construction Guidelines for guidance on mandatory and recommended best practices, and contact your Columbia facilities representative(s) if you have any questions or concerns.


FORWARD ALL NOTICES, DOCUMENTS AND INFORMATION TO:           constructionpurchasing@columbia.edu




Facilities Purchasing Life Cycle

Click on the link below to view Facilities Purchasing Life Cycle in Workflow format:


Facilities Purchasing Life Cycle: Task Order process in ARC

Facilities Purchasing Life Cycle: Competitive Bid process in ARC


• Only Qualified Vendors should be used.

• All Facilities work must have a contract, insurance certificate and a P.O.

   (Except for Task Order vendors, under $5,000, employed by the Facilities departments.)

• EZ PO’s and Under $2,500 classifications cannot be used for this category of work that includes any labor on Columbia University owned or leased premises.

• All work should be bid unless done under a Task Order vendor within the contract limits.

• Single source purchases should be limited to emergencies.

• All purchases not competitively bid will require market pricing comparison and justification.


All non facilities departments must notify and obtain Facilities written approval for work being done on CU premises prior to submitting a requisition to Purchasing.

  Written approval must be included in documentation sent to Purchasing

Supplier Qualification Process

(Applies to Facilities related Design, Consulting, Construction or Service Vendors ONLY.)


All Vendors are required to complete the basic profile. 

Facilities Vendors are required to complete additional information.  Completion of the Facilities profile is by invitation only at this time.


Any Design, Construction or Facilities related Vendor who provides services that require them to come on University Premises or provide services to the Facilities departments are in the Facilities category.  Suppliers of material only do not need to complete the Facilities form unless requested to do so.


Vendors included but not limited to:

Architects / Engineers / Designers / Expeditors / Estimators / Contractors / Maintenance Providers / Installers / Movers.


If you have any questions regarding your status please contact Tracy Livingston.


All vendors are required to complete the profile on our web site to be considered for work at Columbia University.  Completing the profile does not qualify your firm or guarantee your acceptance as a qualified vendor but allows CU to review your information when vendors in your classification are required by the University.


All vendors must update their information yearly or as significant changes occur.  This information will be used as official data for Procurement systems and AP. 


Those not updated yearly may be removed from the list to make room for new vendors due to the volume of applicants.


Vendors will not receive qualification, contracts, PO’S or payment if the profile is not complete and current.