Working Globally - Overview

Columbia community members frequently travel and work outside of the United States to engage in a variety of academic, service, and research programs. In addition, many Columbia projects outside the U.S. require the assistance of local resources. If not properly designed, these activities can expose both the individual participants and the University to a surprisingly complex and strict set of regulatory and tax requirements. This guidance briefly outlines key issues and resources for assistance.


Each numbered tab expands on subjects that should be considered when managing international operations:

(2) describes options and considerations on staffing;

(3) expands on issues pertinent to safeguarding information and systems;

(4) addresses U.S. and host country tax regulations;

(5) expands on laws that impact operations;

(6) describes the processes to protect staff in the host country;

(7) contains links to other web resources with short explanations regarding their purpose.

Throughout these pages we include contacts and resources specific to each topic.

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