Supplemental Voucher Approvals

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About the Class:

This session, meant specifically for school-level supplemental voucher approvers, covers the University’s supplemental approval policy and processing basics. The supplemental approval policy refers to certain policy exceptions pertaining to the University’s Travel and Business Expense Policy where, from time to time, certain legitimate business needs and special situations may necessitate departure from established policy guidelines. AP relies on the approval from an individual designated as “Supplemental Approvers” to authorize the exception. 90-minutes

In this course, you will learn about a specified list of common supplemental approval circumstances, such as:

  • Understanding the Supplemental Approval policy;
  • Who are Supplemental Approvers
  • Understanding, IRS, and University AP compliance issues relating to business and travel expenses
  • Understanding what policy exceptions require supplemental approval
  • Roles and responsibilities of supplemental approvers
  • Roles and responsibilities of those processing expense reports
  • Processing expense reports that require supplemental approval
  • Difference between policy exceptions that require an exception request opposed to supplemental approval
  • Processing exception requests and supplemental approvals in ARC

Presented by Kristine Carballo, Procurement Services (upon request)


Managing Procurement Approvals

Who Should Attend

This class is recommended for Supplemental Approvers designated by Procurement Services. However, Departmental Administrators, Business Managers, DAF approvers who need to understand Columbia’s AP Supplemental Approval policy are invited to attend.