Getting Started - Overview

Columbia University’s research, service, and academic activities span the globe, making key contributions in virtually every region of the world. Yet globalization presents many operational and administrative challenges. This website provides a consolidated point of access for guidance and tools to help enable the Columbia community to more easily pursue and manage global opportunities.


Each numbered tab expands on subjects that should be considered before undertaking activities outside the U.S.:

(2) defines activities according to their expected duration;

(3) describes issues that should be considered in creating a program or in anticipation of your departure;

(4) addresses immediate needs once you are physically in country and ready to start your work;

(5) describes how to get expert advice needed for international work;

(6) describes the process for establishing an outpost outside the U.S. (when needed);

(7) contains links to other web resources useful for planning activities outside the U.S.

Throughout these pages we include contacts and resources specific to each topic.

Refer to Columbia's Administrative Support to learn more about university resources behind globalization.

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