Service/Recharge Center INFO

Service Centers and Recharge Centers are operating units created for the purpose of providing a service, or products used principally within the University community.  Research activities that involve a service/recharge center must be complient with University policy and OMB Circular A-21

Use the below links for information about policies, administration and procedural matters concerning service recharge centers.



  1. Procedure Manual
  2. Related Forms

About Us

The Research Policy and Indirect Cost Group is responsible for overseeing compliance with University policies and Federal regulations that govern the post-award financial administration of sponsored programs.  Some things we're involved in:

  • Monitoring sponsoring agency policies and facilitating compliance
  • Developing rate proposals and leading F&A and Fringe Benefit rate negotiatons with government agencies 
  • Publishing rates and procedures involving GRA Tuition, fringe benefits, and recharge (service) centers
  • Annual Effort Certification process
  • Preparing the annual A133 Report

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