Required Trainings by Central Role

Learn about central roles and what training is required for your central role.


Roles within Columbia’s financial systems determine the information you can see and how you will use the system to accomplish your work.

Central Roles or Special Roles are central administrative in nature, such as within the Finance Division or at a senior level within other groups around the University, as opposed to Departmental Roles. Visit Required Trainings by Role for Departmental Roles.

Trainings are primarily web-based, provide an overall view of relevant processes and policies, and demonstrate ARC transactions.

Some trainings require a "Knowledge Assessment” in order to complete the course. Others may only require a "Training Acknowledgement." Knowledge Assessments require a passing grade of 90% or better and you will have three tries to achieve a passing grade.

Any training completed for a previous role or position does not need to be retaken.

Please allow three to five business days after your training completion for the access profile to be updated by the security group.

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