Request a New Columbia Facilities Supplier / Payee

Learn about the process for requesting a new facilities supplier or payee at Columbia University. 


  1. For facilities and construction vendors, there is an additional questionnaire and a process with additional steps that are managed by the University facilities organizations.

  2. The University Facilities department establishes contact with a vendor.

  3. The vendor completes the University Vendor Questionnaire.

  4. Vendor qualifications and fit with University requirements are assessed by the Supplier Management Steering Committee (SMSC).

  5. Based on the assessment, the vendor may be asked to provide insurance documentation, complete agreement documents, or other requested information.

  6. Once the questionnaire and documentation have been approved, the vendor is eligible for engagement.


Training (Vendor Requests, Processing, and Review)

For general guidance on how to process vendors – 

For guidance on submitting a vendor request –

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