Replenishing a Fund

When the fund is low, the custodian should compile petty cash receipts (see below), attach to corresponding PC Receipts Summary Form, fill out a PC replenishment Check Request and then electronically process a Petty Cash Voucher in ARC. 


Note:  The Petty Cash Natural Account is 11990.  However, for a replenishment, you should use the Natural Account associated with the type of expense - i.e. Domestic - Local Travel (taxis) - 65211


Custodian must obtain proper approvals: The Receipts Summary Form and accompanying Check Request needs to be approved by a DAF with Petty Cash authorization. Under no circumstance may an individual approve his or her own petty cash reimbursements or that of a person to whom he or she reports. In such a case, a senior DAF within the department or school should sign the Receipts Summary Form in lieu of the custodian.  (The ARC transaction will also require similar segregation of duties.)

This approval certifies:


Available funding for expenditures

Compliance with any funding agency regulations

Compliance with University reimbursement and business expense policies

Propriety of business expenses

Completeness of documentation and accuracy of accounting

That "Unallowables" have been segregated in accordance with University policy



Compiling Petty Cash Receipts:

Arrange original receipts in chronological order (exclude any confidential subject information, if applicable) and by type - affix to 8 1/2 x 11 inch white paper pages using clear tape (no staples).  This process is necessary for document scanning.  Be careful not to tape over or obscure important information on receipts.  Number receipts according to Receipts Summary Form log.  Write PC replenishment Check Request # on each page.  Documents will be uploaded during the AP voucher process in ARC


• Custodian should keep copies of all reimbursement and replenishment documentation for their own departmental files.

• If the replenishment transaction is approved by AP, a check will be sent to the PC Custodian (unless check pick-up is requested). 


Check Pick-Up Policies

See the following info page for details.