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23181801                                         Coffee brewing equipment or supplies

8016180001                                     Office equipment rental


  • Water Coolers
  • Water filtration services
  • Coffee services and products
  • Other beverage products


Quench is a Columbia University approved supplier of bottle free drinking water filtration systems. With Quench, you’ll have a reliable, cost-effective and eco-friendly drinking water solution.

Using Quench eliminates water delivery hassles, storage and lifting of bulky plastic jugs, worries about running out and concerns about the cleanliness of your drinking water.

Quench rents their filtered water coolers.  One low monthly fee covers all the water your office can drink, plus all preventive maintenance and service calls are included, no extra charge.

You won’t have to call to schedule your Quench machine’s regular check-up – they come automatically.

The contract offers several styles to choose from and includes free delivery and installation.

All service, parts, labor, and filter changes are free and included in this pricing.


Less Expensive – Cleaner - Eco-Friendly – Convenient - Drinking Water Solution

Quench offers Water-as-a-Service™ solutions by providing filtered water systems, hassle free, bottleless water coolers. 

Free up valuable space by getting rid of those bottles; both heavy and empty.

With Quench, you’ll have the cleanest, best-tasting water available, delivered fresh to your glass. 


Complete the UwPA Order Form:


Must use:  ATTACHMENT A - Order Form – Columbia University – Quench

                  This form is Columbia University generated


Link to form

Send order form and purchase requisition to your purchasing department.

When you receive the PO, forward to Chris and Tusia and the scheduling process will commence.



Quench’s scheduling team will email contact with a proposed date.  


PRICING Options Below


Water Cooler Options and prices:


720         $32 mo



740         $38 mo


750         $41 mo



755CT    $35 mo



250 (RO/DI)        $38/mo

Quench 250 Deionization for Pure Water



Quench Service Request

For any service needs, aside from annual maintenance; which is automatically scheduled for you.


Contact the Quench service team directly and they will be able to create a service ticket to address any issue you may be having.

When contacting the Quench customer service please include the Q#, which identifies your unit and its location. The Q# can be found on a sticker

located on top of the unit; alongside the bar code.



Phone: (888) 554-2782

Website: http://pages.quenchonline.com/customer-care-request.html

Email: quenchservice@quenchonline.com


**Your unit is installed and maintained by Quench, please do not more your unit.

Please contact Quench if a unit needs to be relocated or removed. 



Delivery is made to your office location and installation take place on site.


Please contact sales representative for returns and delivery or billing problems.







Supplier Information


780 5th Avenue, Suite 200

King of Prussia, PA 19406


Sales Rep


Ordering Process: 


Contact your Quench team directly:


Chris O'Connor

Major Account Executive


Cell: 551-206-1785                                                                                              


Tusia O’Brien

Major Account Executive


Cell: 484.366.5813 

For Questions Contract

Tanya Frasier

Category Manager, Technology, Travel and Business Products Sourcing

(212) 854-2331