Public Safety

Building Access

A public safety officer remains in the lobby of the building 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. There is strict enforcement of staff identification protocol and confirming registration of all guests.

Emergency Contacts

Columbia University Department of Public Safety


212-854-2797 (non-emergency number)


NYC Emergency Response Agencies
(Police Department, Fire Department, E.M.S.)

Dial 911


26th Police Precinct



Getting Around

Public Safety

While Manhattanville is located in the police precinct ranked 7th lowest (of 76 precincts citywide) in overall crime reported in 2006, the Department of Public Safety maintains a strong presence in the area and has taken a number of measures to maintain a high level of security in the building and the surrounding area.

Columbia's Public Safety officers as well as New York City's police officers have regular and active patrols in the area. In addition, there are a number of emergency call boxes installed.  View Call Box Map >


After Hours

Columbia's Public Safety department offers transportation, on-call at 212-854-SAFE (212-854-7233). More information about that service is available on the Transportation website


Neighborhood Patrol

Public Safety maintains round the clock vehicle patrol in the Manhattanville area, 24-hours a day, seven days a week.


Emergency Call Boxes

For immediate communication with Columbia Public Safety, use one of the emergency call boxes visible throughout the area.  For better visibility, a blue light is affixed to the telephone pole.  For a map of call box locations near Studebaker, click here.


Shuttle Routes

Columbia offers several shuttle bus routes to and from Studebaker. All riders must present a valid University ID upon boarding the shuttle.

A full route and schedule are available on the Transportation website.


Evening Shuttle Service

The Evening shuttle service utilizes two shuttle buses traveling on different routes, in thirty minute loops across the Morningside and Manhattanville areas. The Evening Shuttle operates seven days a week from 6:00pm every evening until 4:00am the following morning, excluding University holidays.

Evening shuttle service route maps and schedules are available here.


Police Precinct

The Department of Public Safety maintains an excellent liaison with the 26th Police Precinct as well as other local precincts and fire companies, including cooperating in crime prevention strategies. The 26th Precinct is located on West 126th Street, between Old Broadway and Amsterdam Ave.


Personal Safety Tips

Visit Public Safety’s Crime Prevention Tips page for more information on personal safety.

Check out Public Safety’s latest Crime Prevention video.